What is 16 Way Comfort Technology?

SizeGenetics Penile Extender Device 16 Way Comfort Technology

 cta-boxIn the past, extending your penis by inches may have meant enduring painful, potentially life scarring surgeries or using ineffective penis pumps. However this is no longer the case….

Advancements in technology have now made it possible for you to safely and comfortably stretch your penis, and gain inches in size. How? By using Penile Extenders.

How do penile extenders work?

Utilising a traction technique similar to that used in orthopaedic surgery penile extenders gently stretch the cells in your corpora cavernous causing them to break away and replicate.

As these cells accumulate in mass, this causes your penis to extend in length (studies performed by the University of Torin on 18 patients witnessed penis lengthening of 2.8cm when erect and 1.9cm flaccid) as well as benefit from increased blood flow, harder erections and improved stamina.

But what about comfort?

Penile extenders have come a long way since they were first conceived.

Gone are the days where you could only get one comfort option. Instead, you can now credibly use Medical Type 1 devices such as those offered by SizeGenetics and benefit from at least 4 different comfort options.

In fact, SizeGenetics are leading the industry in terms of comfort. Offering consumers 16 different ways to wear their penile extenders; no matter your shape, size or sensitivity, you can comfortably wear their device all day long without damaging or hurting your penis.

mdatechWhat is 16 Way Technology?

When you buy a penile extender, you want to be able to wear it with the reassurance that it will not chaff, pinch or damage blood vessels.

After all, what would be the point of investing in a device if you couldn’t wear it? There wouldn’t be!

That is why the creation of 16 way comfort systems such as those devised by SizeGenetics is pivotal.

Comprising of a silicon noose, comfort strap, protection pad, fabric covered latex head grip and a non-slip protech matt strap – you can combine these parts in a variety of different ways and offer your penis 100% comfort, support and results.

How does the 16 Way Technology work?

Depending on the size, shape and angle of your penis will depend on which combination is best for you.

Fortunately you are supplied with all of these parts so you can experiment until you find your most comfortable pairing:

Silicon Noose – firmly attaching itself just underneath the head of your penis, the silicon noose provides an upwards force towards your penile head as well as gives you true hold.

Comfort Strap – an alternative method to the silicon noose, instead of gripping just under your penis head, the comfort strap works by wrapping the device over a larger area of your penis.

Protection Pad – this protection pad adds extra comfort when using either the comfort strap or the silicone noose by giving you additional padding.

Fabric Covered Latex Head Grip – if you find that either the silicon noose or comfort strap is rubbing, then you can used these head grips to help protect the skin on your penis.

Non-Slip Protech Matt Strap – this strap is ideal if your penis size/shape is causing you to slip from the penis extender. Wear this non-slip strap with either the comfort strap or silicon noose and it will reduce slippage.

Yet this is not the only way the SizeGenetics device strives to offer your penis complete comfort.

Incorporating MDA technology (Multi Directional Angling) into their design, the SizeGenetics device removes the angling problem experienced by other devices and instead gives you the option to wear their penis extender at an angle which best suits your penis.

And this is good news for those suffering from penile curvatures. Enabling you to safely extend your penis by inches; no matter the angle severity of your penis you can comfortably use this penis extender to extend your penis whilst reducing the angulation of your penis.


Why have so many options?

Numerous clinical studies have proven that in order to achieve optimum results, consumers need to wear penile extenders for at least 4-6 hours a day over a 6 month period (according to research by the University of Torin).

Because of this, it is pivotal that your penis is as comfortable as possible to ensure that you confidently wear these devices day in, day out without experiencing pain. Suffer from chaffing, pinching or blood vessel damage and this discomfort could easily hinder your results as you’ll be reluctant to keep wearing the device.

Yet by being given the opportunity to choose from a variety of different systems, you can easily change that.

Thick, thin, angulated or sensitive to the touch… 16 Way Technology removes the risk of discomfort and instead allows you to tailor the device to suit your own personal needs, ensuring your long term satisfaction.

And it would seem that SizeGenetics are willing to prove the effectiveness of their 16 way system by offering you a free penile extension device. Simply send them a testimonial including your before and after shots from using their device and SizeGenetics will give you up to $389.85 back to say thank you.

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