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News The New York Times, If Every Word Was Removed Except “Cyber”
Today on io9, Annalee Newitz traces the history of the word (and prefix) “cyber”â??as in cybernetic, cyberpunk, cybersex, and the recent favorite “cyberwar.” Here’s a New York Times article from earlier this year, with every word except “cyber” removed. Read more         … Read News

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News Grand Theft Auto V Lives Up To Hype, Steals Its Car, Sets House On Fire
Grand Theft Auto V Launch Trailer I’m trying to put into words how difficult a situation it is attempting to summarize my thoughts on a game that I’ve only been playing for two weeks when I know in the back of my mind Rockstar Games has been hard at work on Grand Theft Auto V for more than four years. With such a lengthy development cycle always comes a proportional amount of hype and … Read News

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