The Sizegenetics Extender Scam

The Sizegenetics Extender Scam? Or Not?


With so many penis size extenders on the market that don’t work, it’s hard not to think otherwise of SizeGenetics. It’s normal to wonder whether or not a product like SizeGenetics is a scam.

People often ask whether Sizegenetics really a scam or not. Are you ready to have an answer? No, SizeGenetics is NOT a scam.

SizeGenetics is completely a legitimate product which is manufactured by a well reputed company. This manufacturing company is present in the market from many years and is leading it with grace. It is a legal and authentic device ruling the market with the proud. This company exactly knows what it is doing and offering to the males around the globe. Of course you must be looking out for valid reasons to prove that SizeGenetics scam is not true.

Certified by Real Medical Professionals

The method that the device uses is a clinically proven method that works in the same way as body building does, but for other muscles. Sizegenetics is supported by a number of real doctors whose testimonials you can easily find on the website. Recently, a study was done by the British Association of Urological Surgeons and even reported in the Daily Mail that non surgical penis extension really is possible. More and more doctors are lining up behind this technology to attest that it is the safest and most effective way of making your erections longer, harder and stronger.

Considered a Medical Type 1 Device, which is something that no other penis enlargement device can claim. SizeGenetics even has a certificate on their official website to back this information up.

Media Attention

SizeGenetics has been featured on BBC, Channel 4 and in GQ Magazine. In fact, a TV show host from Channel 4 (Tim Shaw from Extreme Male Beauty) used the device on himself to see positive results of approximately half an inch in a short period of time, as did James, Mullinger, a writer from GQ Magazine, who ended up with a seven-inch penis after four months.

Six Month Money Back Guarantee

When products are scams, they do not offer consumers a money back guarantee; however, SizeGenetics does. A very generous one at that. SizeGenetics has a full six-month money back guarantee if you don’t see an increase in your penis length.

The Benefits Of SizeGenetics

  • Your penis will grow larger with at least 20% without any secondary effects.
  • You will obtain a nicer penis that will impress your partner.
  • You can control your orgasm: no more premature ejaculation. It lasts as long as you want without costly and ineffective pills.
  • Improving the sexual live and the activity of the prostate.
  • Gaining a sufficient level of trust that will improve sexual performances and would reduce the frustrations.
  • A bigger gland. Offer her the night of her dreams, as a bigger gland will press the vagina, offering her multiple and intense orgasms.
  • Improves the blood circulation both in the penis and in the testicles.

What do you get with Sizegenetic

Using a genuine SizeGenetics package, you are not among the victimized list of SizeGenetics scam sufferers. The SizeGenetics package includes the most genuine and safe techniques for you to increase your penis size and boost your performance in bed. Following are you would be provided in the package

  • You get a 16-way Ultimate Comfort system, which will let you fit the device to your particular penis size and decide which way you want the head to go.
  • One exclusive DVD which has unique exercises for you to practice to make it big.
  • To add spice and satisfaction to your and your partner’s sex life; two DVD’s to guide your sex life.
  • Access to online websites like Lovecentria and PenisHealth.
  • In addition to all of the above, you will also get Revita Cream Aftercare Moisturizer. This cream will keep your penis moisturized and supple after you use it. Also get Traction Plus Powder, which lets you use the device more often and efficiently.

The device comes with an awesome lockable luxury leather case. You need to hide your secret and make sure that nobody finds out why you have such a big penis!


While there are plenty of scam penis enlargement devices out there just waiting for you to fall prey to their marketing tactics, SizeGenetics is not one of them. Is SizeGenetics a scam? Absolutely not! With facts, media and medical endorsements as well as clinical research and studies to back up the device’s claims, SizeGenetics will safely and effectively help you add inches to your penis so that you can feel more comfortable with yourself.


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