SizeGenetics Review | Why SizeGenetics is better

The following reasons are WHY SizeGenetics™ penis size extender ultimate system is better than any other penis size extender and arguably the number 1 penis extender in the market today:

The original SizeGenetics™ device is still considered by many to be one of the best methods of extending the penis by inches.


SizeGenetics Review – Reasons why SizeGenetics Extender is better

1. It’s one of the most comfortable devices available

  • The SizeGenetics™ device has a 16 Way Comfort Strap, meaning that the device can be worn in over 16 different ways.
  • Most extenders only give you one way to wear theirs, and if the device is uncomfortable, your customers aren’t going to see results.
  • In addition to this, the device uses a MDA (multi directional angling) design and includes Traction Plus Powder and Revita Cream to make the experience even more comfortable.

2. Registered medical type 1 device & medically backed

  • The SizeGenetics™ device is a fully registered medical type 1 device, that has the medical backing of several doctors who are experts in the field of sexual health and wellbeing.
  • There are many extenders out there who have none of these, and are potentially dangerous to users who try them.

ph-and-members3. Includes FREE penis exercises

  • SizeGenetics™ comes with FREE penis exercises (PenisHealth™) which are clinically supported to help increase the size, strength and duration of your erections.
  • Although some competitors also give away penis exercises, many of them don’t, and even if they do, many aren’t as comprehensive as PenisHealth™.

4. 180 day MONEY BACK guarantee

  • SizeGenetics™ includes a 180 day money back guarantee. Simply try the device for 12 days, and if you see no results you get your money back!
  • Many competitors offer some sort of guarantee, but many of them have unfair terms or don’t run for as long as 180 days.

5. You can get SizeGenetics™ for “FREE”

  • SizeGenetics™ is currently running a promotion, so that if a customer sends their before and after photos to SizeGenetics™, they will get a complete refund.
  • No other penis extender company offers this kind of promotion at this time and is a MASSIVE reason why customers should choose SizeGenetics™ over other devices.

6. Supported by REAL testimonials

  • Some of our competitors offer no testimonials, and others offer vague or fake testimonials. Thanks to the above promotion, SizeGenetics™ has a large amount of REAL testimonials to back up the claims made about SizeGenetics™.

7. FREE online access to 54+ online DVDs

  • No other competitors offers FREE access to LoveCentria; one of the best online love making guides available today.
  • It contains over 54 DVDs worth of sexually exciting and educational content, to help teach people how to become a superior lover with their new extended penis.

show8. As seen on TV and in magazines

  • Most extenders haven’t been featured in the media. The SizeGenetics™ device has been featured in multiple media publications including GQ Magazine, Virgin 1 and on Channel 4.

9. Complete AFTERSALE support

  • With many of our competitors, once they’ve sold you a penis extender, they consider their working relationship over.
  • However SizeGenetics™ offers an after sale support to help people get the most out of their penis extender. No question is too small to help you get the most out of the extender.

10. Over $300 of USEFUL bonuses

  • Many penis extender companies will give away cheap or worthless bonuses (PDFs, pills that don’t work etc) however SizeGenetics™ endeavor to offer it’s customers genuine bonuses that are worth something.
  • These include, but are not limited too, online love making guide, penis exercises on DVD, after care products and so much more!

11. Rapid & FREE global delivery available

  • SizeGenetics™ has dispatch depots in both Nottinghamshire (UK) and Oregon (USA) meaning they are in a position to offer genuine rapid global delivery. In addition, FREE delivery options are also available.

12. The support of over 54,000 + members

  • When you buy SizeGenetics™, you will get access to the members forum which has thousands of members all ready to share their experiences and advice on how to get most out of your device.
  • Many of our competitors don’t offer this kind of support, so when you buy their device, you’re on your own!

13. SizeGenetics™ has been sold now for over 16 years…

  • so it must be doing something right. Why run the risk buying from a company who has only been operational for a small period of time?
  • Newer companies run the risk of going out of business, meaning that any chance refunds or claiming on a guarantee are gone!
  • In addition, both the FDA and global advertising standard agencies are coming down on sexual health websites, so you know SizeGenetics™ must be selling a fair and honest product if they are still around.

Also… quick note as to why penis extenders are better than:

Despite claims made by some sites, “penis pills” cannot on their own increase penis size. In fact the media have regular highlighted the fake
claims, and sometimes danger, of these pills.

Penis pumps are designed to enlarge the penis via a vacuum, but unfortunately any gains from them are strictly temporary, and can run the risk of giving your penis bruising, lumps and can be a contributing factor towards bent penis syndrome.

Weight hanging
One of the oldest known methods of penis enlargement, and has ties to many cultural traditions. However it is also one of the most dangerous and can leading to permanent injury and disfigurement.

Although one of the most reliable methods of enlargement, it does not come without risks, as infection and nerve damage being two of the riskier side effects. In addition, it can cost thousands of pounds to take part in a procedure that many regret afterwards.



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