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News Sexpionage Not Just In Bond Movies
Former KGB Gen. Oleg Kalugin was once asked why so many Russian spies used sex in their work, intelligence historian H. Keith Melton recalls. Kaluginâ??s reply was simple: â??In America, in the West, occasionally you ask your men to stand up for their country. Thereâ??s very little difference. In Russia, we just ask our young women to lay down.â? … Read News

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News No ‘Honey Traps’ Will Dupe A Canadian Spy!
Canadians are humble folk. Besides blustering over beating the U.S. at Olympic hockey, they’re simple people who apologize for existing. That’s probably why Canadian diplomats and spies are given a silly, embarrassingly simple guide to not revealing state secrets or getting seduced by foreign “honey traps” while traveling outside their pleasant Canadian borders.         … Read News

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