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News Unhung Hero
Rent It In 10 Words or Less Does size matter? Reviewer’s Bias* Loves: Documentaries Likes: Fringe subjects Dislikes: A lack of confidence Hates: Size queens The Movie So here we’ve got Patrick Moote, a comedian and actor with a few minor roles. His biggest fame came thanks to the Internet though, as a video of him proposing to his girlfriend at a UCLA basketball game, and being swiftly and … Read News

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News Step Away From The Ruler: Penis Size Studies Are Pretty Worthless
Apparently, you now have an excellent reason to visit North Dakota. The results are dependent on the rigorous scientific standards of Condomania (supposedly our nationâ??s first online condom store), which decided North Dakota was home to freakishly large genitalia based on the orders the company received for condoms above average size. Itâ??s clearly an excellent PR move for Condomania. … Read News

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