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News TV Review: ‘Time Of Death’: EW TV Review
Death is everywhere on television. It rides a pale horse on Sleepy Hollow . It keeps Castle, Bones , and so much of CBS in business. It walks , it sucks , it makes for a nice tenderloin . Occasionally, scripted series will give death the â??very special episodeâ? treatment, sometimes to write out a cast member or deal with real-life circumstances, as was the case with Glee â??s Oct. 10 farewell to … Read News

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News A Passionate Defense Of Selfies At Funerals
If you were alive and on the internet yesterday, you’re already familiar with the very latest in Tumblr cringe porn: “Selfies at Funerals.” Created by Brooklyn-based editor Jason Feifer, “Selfies at Funerals” combines two things Americans loathe (self absorbed teenagers & funerals) to brilliant effect. Read more         … Read News

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