Humans Having Sex

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News Chill Out, Dudes! Female Flies Have Anti-Aggression Powers
Female fruit flies have a secret superpower: Just by their presence, they keep male flies from butting heads. A new study revealing this strange insect phenomenon could eventually lead to new understandings of how human aggression functions. “This is really an entry point to study how aggression can be modulated,” said Yuh Nung Jan, a professor of physiology and biochemistry at the University of … Read News

Humans Having Sex

News Dudes Still Upset That Women Can Be Raunchy
A Variety critic takes Sarah Silverman to task for being “as dirty as the boys”         … Read News

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News Siberian Skeletons Confirm Native American Origins
The DNA gleaned from two ancient Siberian skeletons is found to be related to that of modern-day Native Americans and western Eurasians. … Read News

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