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News How The Implausible Quest To ‘have It All’ May Set Women Up For Disappointment
Watch Video | Listen to the Audio JUDY WOODRUFF: A big question to think about: Are American women living up to their own expectations? Jeffrey Brown has our book conversation. JEFFREY BROWN: “Women of my generation got feminism wrong, seeing it as a route to personal perfection and a promise of all that we were now expected to be. Because we could do anything, we felt as if we had to do … Read News

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News New Study Suggests Changing Bacterial Mix May Lead To Painful Sex After Menopause
The mix of bacteria in the vagina changes as women go through menopause. And a certain mix is typical after menopause in women who have vulvovaginal atrophy, a common cause of vaginal dryness and sexual pain, finds a team at Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland. They suspect these bacteria may play a role in causing VVA. … Read News

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